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P L A Y E R;
NAME: Quinn
AGE: 34
TIMEZONE: American Central
CONTACT: [ profile] quiverby, the living room
OTHER CHARACTERS PLAYED: Naoto Shirogane, Helena Wells

C H A R A C T E R;
NAME: Matthew Neil Holt
CANON: Voltron: Legendary Defender
POINT IN CANON: Between Shiro's debut in the Arena and when he was busted out by unknown rebels. Much closer to the latter than the former.
AGE: 21
APPEARANCE: Matt is skinny, at his canon point, almost painfully so, with shaggy reddish-brown hair and brown eyes.

CANON HISTORY: Matt at the Voltron Wiki

Matt was at the Garrison with Shiro for a few years, becoming close as classmates and friends. Sam specifically chose both Matt and Shiro for the mission to Kerberos, due to his trust in them and belief in their abilities.

Since his abduction, Matt has been kept in captivity by the Galra empire for a number of months now, at first in a work camp, and then in a cell sometimes with others, sometimes alone. His habit of giving sarcastic, snippy remarks has earned him more than a few beatings, which has left his back and his mind quite scarred.

CANON PERSONALITY: Matthew Holt is, above all, a dork. He's a space-loving scientist, one who wants above all to discover things. Much of his study at the Garrison when he was there was in the realm of science, with a side of anthropology. He wants to bring knowledge to the world, and gets excited over the smallest things, such as possible microorganisms in ice. While in space, on a discovery mission, he rambles about how excited he is, and how fascinating he finds something as simple as the ice sample he is extracting. He is also a bit of a dreamer, wishing and hoping that he could be one of the first, if not the first to discover other life in the universe and tell Earth about it.

He also has a deeply sarcastic streak, making jokes with his family about freeze dried peas and teasing his sister. He can be excitable, rambling about things he finds interesting, until he almost forgets to breathe. Growing up in a military family with his father a teacher at the Garrison, he learned how to do things carefully and precisely, but also how to subvert the rules and find ways around everything. He understands authority, but thinks there are more important things in the world, like understanding the way the world works, and caring for others.

He is also an extremely devoted and loyal person, wanting to do anything and everything he can to protect his family. When he thought he was about to die in the Galra gladiator arena, all he could think about was how he wouldn't be able to see his family again. He cares about the people around him, wanting to protect them, but realizing that he doesn't have the skills to do so at the moment. In addition, he is a survivor, bound and determined to keep going and live no matter what. He'll do anything to find a way through any difficult situation and come out the other side.

His time in prison has taken a toll on him, and he's slightly weaker, much more anxious, and prone to PTSD flashbacks and nightmares but when given the chance to bloom and relax, he will heal quickly.



ABILITIES: Matt is a brilliant scientist with knowledge of anthropology and cultures. Basically, he's a Normal Human from shit circumstances. Yay?

INVENTORY: Slave rags. He literally just has the clothes on his back. Boy doesn't even have his glasses.

ANYTHING ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW? Matt Holt needs hugs. Many.

M A R K S;
1. Moon: Celestial bodies are very prominent in Matt's life, due to his love of space. However, Moon in particular is quite indicative of his current state. He's in flux, he doesn't know what the future is going to be, he's afraid of both his current situation and his future, but on the flip side, he's always been a dreamer, wanting to go to space, and discover things.

2. Death: Matt's life has always been about change and growth, especially in the past few months. He understands the concept of progress and development and its importance, both in people's lives and in culture.

3. Fool: At his core, Matt is a wide-eyed dreamer and scientist. He is easily excited, enthusiastic, and curious about the world around him.

4. Empress: This boy needs a mom. In all seriousness, however, Matt's life is full of female power, and his family is the most important part of his life and always will be.

5. Strength: As multiple people say about him in canon, Matt is a survivor. He has been through quite a few things, and while he's a bit cracked, nothing has completely broken his spirit.

6. Priestess Matt is all about finding and revealing mysteries. He is a searcher, looking for the mysterious, and in the words of the X-Files, he wants to believe.

VETO: Sun. Obvious reasons.

S A M P L E S;
ACTIONSPAM SAMPLE: Matt texting his sister
PROSE SAMPLE: Matt and Shiro on a date


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